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Nothing Helper

Nothing Helper Single

This Mad Desire

"Theatrical Acoustic-Alternative Post-Heroin-Chic, kind of like Tim Curry meets Edward Scissorhands meets Karl Wallinger, who's also a Buddhist. There's a darkness there that's not really dark, just real." This Mad Desire is the name of Mackenzie Kristjon's musical work. Usually this means a 5-7 piece band that sounds like "Neil Young on David Bowie drugs" according to one news clipping. The first record "Deathstyle Celebration" was co-produced by Juno-nominated Andrew McPherson. Some of the songs from this CD includng “This Mad Desire” were recently featured in a horror movie called Mary by Russian filmmaker Andrey Petrushka which screened at the Montreal Film Festival. In addition, Hamilton-based QPM Comics has produced the comic Mac Attack based on TMD's singer. Mackenzie Kristjon won his first national songwriting competition as a teenager. He has toured through Canada and Europe both with TMD and with chamber-pop group Barzin.

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