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This Mad Desire

This Mad Desire Single

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This Mad Desire

"Theatrical Acoustic-Alternative Post-Heroin-Chic, kind of like Tim Curry meets Edward Scissorhands meets Karl Wallinger, who's also a Buddhist. There's a darkness there that's not really dark, just real." This Mad Desire is the name of Mackenzie Kristjon's musical work. Usually this means a 5-7 piece band that sounds like "Neil Young on David Bowie drugs" according to one news clipping. The first record "Deathstyle Celebration" was co-produced by Juno-nominated Andrew McPherson. Some of the songs from this CD includng “This Mad Desire” were recently featured in a horror movie called Mary by Russian filmmaker Andrey Petrushka which screened at the Montreal Film Festival. In addition, Hamilton-based QPM Comics has produced the comic Mac Attack based on TMD's singer. Mackenzie Kristjon won his first national songwriting competition as a teenager. He has toured through Canada and Europe both with TMD and with chamber-pop group Barzin.
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The Human Race

Strange melodic folk music with a progressive twist. Sometimes fed to robots and made even stranger.
Visit the the human race website ».

Monkeys With Machetes

Monkeys With Machetes is a four-piece, heavy alternative/experimental rock band straight of the downtown Hamilton area. Beginning in March of 2011 as a three piece under the name Serotonin, MwM, debuted in December 2011. Fronted by Colby Simms and Keith Anderson, their freakishly loud sound stems from a combination of of blues guitar, metal and cranked bass, creating a sub-genre of heavy rock.rnrnVocals Guitar/ Colby Simms/Vocals Guitar/ Keith Anderson/Drums/ Marcus Perry /Bass/ Eric Baldry
Visit the Monkeys with Machetes website ».

Swords Of Texas

"The overall effect is like having acid dropped into your morning coffee unexpectedly, and then being dragged off to some sort of space rock equivalent to Orwell’s dreaded Room 101, to have your mind ripped apart... As an omen of where the stoner/psyche/sludge underground is heading in 2012, it’s undoubtedly a good one... Fucked up, and fabulously so." - Stephen O ’ Connor, for Born Again Nihilist
Visit the Swords of Texas website ».

Still Life

With an official launch in September of 2012, the group’s first EP, “Page One” gained much notoriety around the Southern Ontario music scene for it’s wide range of dynamics and mix of Hard and Soft Alternative Rock. This interesting sound, coupled with a hard-working attitude, had them playing with other Southern Ontario bands such as The Reason, Lifestory:Monologue, Lambs Become Lions, and many more. Widely compared to the likes of Radiohead, Thrice and Incubus with “that Hamilton Rock sound,”
Visit the Still Life website ».

Shoulder The Blame

Alt rock, with Socially/politically Charged Lyrics.rnrnScott P - DrumsrnJeremy B - Bass / VocalsrnAlex H - Lead GuitarrnDevon B - Vocals / Guitarrnrnwe also podcast in our spare time., and love to help promote other great indie music.
Visit the Shoulder The Blame website ».

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