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Patrick Ballantyne

Patrick Ballantyne Single

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The Scum Runners

Formed in summer of 2011 and based out of Kitchener, The Scum Runners are four guys with nothing to lose and one thing to prove; that there is still hope for sleazy Rock N Roll! These wastees offer up a volatile high energy show, with equally fucked antics off stage. Support us and help keep Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll alive!
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We’re here to french kiss your dads, and encourage your daughters to revolt. ALL ROCK, NO COCK. Biography Rackula is a three piece punk rock force thrown up on the dirty streets of Hamilton Ontario Canada. They’re real steel city girls who’ve played alongside such legends as D.O.A., SNFU, The Vibrators, as well as local heroes The Forgotten Rebels and Teenage Head. Together since 2008 these dolls with balls prove there must be something in the water in the Hammer. Former members of BDSM Bakesale
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The Noble Savages

Rock’n’roll garage punk

Patrick Ballantyne

If songs were grains of salt, Patrick Ballantyne is the saltshaker. Songs appear to flow effortlessly from Patrick Ballantyne. A sought after co-writer with cuts on over 10 albums and 2 solo albums of his own, his catalogue is continually expanding. Playing it safe as a lawyer by day, Ballantyne reserves risk-taking for his music. Never content to replicate, Patrick is innovative and experimental. He blends and bends genres, while maintaining an emphasis on melodies and lyrics. His body of work spans multiple genres, yet every song contains a deeply personal and soulful aspect. His latest (sardonically titled) endeavour “Hit-a-month” showcases his “breath-taking range”
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Two Peace Extra Spicy

There is a special feeling that takes over when you step on a stage,under the lights,with your guitar or drum sticks in your hand,knowing your brother has your back. But that is how the boys of TwoPeaceExtraSpicy feel everytime they perform. James 18, with his poetic lyrics and memorable guitar riffs. Ryan 15, keeping the beat and rhythm behind his older brother. They are young but passionate and have "Old Souls".
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Nothing Helper

Put together in the spring of 2011, the current and final line up began honing our sound ... or should I say SOUNDS. Not limited to any one genre, Nothing Helper is bringing back the Heyday of eclectic Punk Rock Music. We realize that Nothing is really new ... We mix up new blends using favourite ingredients ... conforming to traditional recipes is not in our cook book.
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