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The Vertigo Hallucination

The Vertigo Hallucination Single

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Back in 2007, an internet search showed no results for live music in Hamilton from independent band and musical artists. If there was a small source, it was very difficult to decipher the difference between original bands and cover bands. For this reason, was founded with goals to, not only, list bands and musical artist but help promote them on the site and through social media sources.

Let’s face it, not all musical artists or bands are out on the scene trying to create a following, spending their hard earned money to record demos, created videos, build a website and promote themselves while playing as many shows as possible to maximize their exposure. For those who are, would like to help. We’d like to promote the musical artists and bands from Hamilton and those coming through Hamilton on a tour or otherwise.

No longer only for musical artists and bands, is also available to venues, recording studios and booking agents. Our goal is to create a community which provides valuable resources to every member of our community and those passing through.

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