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Have you met AGE OF DEFIANCE yet

Friday, February 1, 2013
TAGS: Age Of Defiance, The Doomed, Ryn Knuth, Jesse Knuth
Written, photographed by Lauren Olson

So it's safe to say we were all in for a bit of a surprise at the Age Of Defiance show on January 24th. They opened for The Doomed, and this is no ordinary bunch of gentlemen. Ryn Knuth, and his brother Jesse (who make up half of the band which also includes Rick and John Hall)  took some steps most musicians don't when we asked them to come down for an interview. They spent, oh, roughly 4 hours getting ready. No, this wasn't a team bad hair day or some kind of outfit dilemma. Age Of Defiance is fully committed to keeping their shows visual, so they dressed up as Lt Commander Data and one earnestly scary, gore encrusted zombie so we'd have a taste of what to expect at the show.
It was a head turner. Homegrown isn't used to having an android and a zombie casually sipping on coffee in the mid-afternoon.
There is a firm impression these two egg farmers by trade don't do anything on a small scale when they lapse into detail about their gigantic tin robot costume that has laptop fans installed inside for improved temperature control. Oh sure guys, no big deal. Utterly distracted by the special effects makeup they had on, we got to chat about cosplay, the zombie apocalypse and how egg farmers would have the advantage thanks to tractors.

What if the zombie apocalypse is full of strong smart zombies, and not just zombies you can run over with a tractor?
JESSE: Death should be an impediment, not an energy drink.

So.. I'm speechless. What do you guys want to talk about first?
RYN: You could go with the way we really are or the way that we've made it up to be.
JESSE: We could fabricate a story if you want us to, in character.

What do you mean?
RYN: We're like a hard rock Village People. I'm the alien, Jesse is the zombie, John is the mad scientist and Rick...
JESSE: j…And we're not sure what Rick Hall is yet.
RYN - He wants to be the Inuit. I've been trying to make a story to put it together.
Like, an alien came to earth and he had a biological, uh, I don't want to say weapon… A substance with him that got loose, and Jesse who was walking by at the moment of the crash was affected by it and was turned into the undead. And this happened in the arctic somewhere, where he was working on an oil rig, and a scientist from Hamilton, wait, a Caistor Centre based scientist, picked up on the transmission and needed to find this crash and to do it he needed the help of the guide and the guide was the Inuit of the North. I'm reaching here.
JESSE- Reaching real hard.
RYN- And we all came together at one point and formed the band. I was stranded here, we're just trying to get money to clean up the substance I let loose.
JESSE- And fight evil robots.
RYN- Oh yeah, we have a robot.

A robot? Who wears the robot costume?
RYN- It depends who wants to be in it.
JESSE- It has heavy, sharp edges, something you don't really want in public crowds.
We're currently working on making a new one out of fiberglass. The one right now is made of tin, very crude.
RYN - Flashing police kits are attached to it, and we put in a fan too, so that when you get in it you can breathe.

How long did it take you to get ready this morning with the costume and makeup?
RYN: We started this morning around 9am.. For Jesse it was at least four hours.
JESSE- When we have the time, we'll take as much of it as possible.
RYN - We want to bring the show back into "the rock show", you know what I mean? To give people something that is more than just music in and out of their head. To really make it stick in there you have to do something a little bit more entertaining. We just thought it would be really fun to dress up as characters like Star Trek, amongst other things. My brother is really into horror...
JESSE - Anything horror. Mainly zombies, they've been freaking me out since I was a little kid, so I try to be as close to them as possible. It doesn't get any closer.

How did you guys start doing such professional special effects?
RYN- We take classes.
JESSE- I have a friend who comes over and teaches me to do this stuff. There are a lot of long drawn out processes, but the basic rules set out are: It can either be cheap, easy or good, pick two.

Do you consider this a type of cosplay?
RYN-  We're trying to get other people to dress up at the show, too. If you want to cosplay with us, you can come to the show in costume and it's completely normal.It's cool be a geek right now. Bill Nye said it the best, "Science rules."

How do you find the music scene in town?
RYN - I like the music of the underground here, there's all these hidden gems around the city and when you know its not the mainstream. Like the guy who was here using the loop pedal, that was cool (He's referring to Jon the Bassist who graces our Open Jam every Tuesday night, readers!)

And where does Age Of Defiance fit into all that?
RYN - We are part of a dying rock, but we believe it will return one day and people will like rock again. We want to make a twist on it and make it sci-fi horror rock and add a little ….
JESSE - …Atmosphere.
RYN - Yeah. To get people into it. We're having a hard time finding our niche.
JESSE- We haven't really discovered where we fit in.
RYN - We want to make a new niche. We tried to play with some metal head people and thought, maybe we're not like that either, and I don't want to say classic rock because we're a little bit heavier than that. Let's say space metal.

So what can people expect at your shows?
RYN- What to expect when you come to the show? You are going to hear awesome rock music mixed with visual entertainment that you will not get anywhere else in Hamilton.
JESSE- We'll give them visuals to remember.
RYN - You'll remember us.
JESSE- You normally walk into these bars and there's four guys playing their instruments, and there's not much to look at.
RYN- We want to make an image for people to be burned into their memories forever. And nightmares.

Last words?
RYN- Great celebrations on your planet's winter solstice.
JESSE- Arghhhhhhhhhhhh. However you'd like to spell that. Grr. Spit. Roar.
RYN- (To Jesse) You've got something in your teeth there.
JESSE- It's been there a while, it doesn't bother.
RYN- That dentist bill is going to be a son of a bitch.

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