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Thursday, February 26, 2015
TAGS: Andreas, Brian Dahl, Jason Brandow, Jennifer Lockman, Adam Payne, Mike Medhurst

After a chance meeting in late 2010, aspiring songwriters Jason Brandow and Brian Dahl set about making some music. What followed was an intense period of creativity spanning nearly two years, which saw the duo produce a surfeit of material they could be proud to call their own.

Keyboardist Jennifer Lockman and bassist Adam Payne were brought into the fold on the recommendation of guitarist Jason Brandow, who happened to have worked with them in bands past; drummer Mike Medhurst was the last to join, and did so at the end of an extensive year-long search.

Not only are they excellent musicians, their contributions to the writing and arrangement of the songs have been of paramount importance-which is to say nothing of the pervasive and contagious chemistry they share. In regards to their name, no one can remember for certain; it may have been an offhand comment a friend had made, or an anecdote about another band, but it was decided early on that the band would be named for their lead singer, Brian Andreas Dahl.

After months of rehearsals, Andreas started playing out in late 2012, and already find themselves with an impressive resume of live performances, and rave reviews. The summer of 2013 finds them releasing their debut EP- listen to their music, and keep a weather eye on the horizon; they are Andreas, and they intend to leave a mark.


Brian Dahl- Lead vocals/ guitar Jason Brandow- Lead guitar/ backing vocals
Jennifer Lockman- Keyboard/ backing vocals
Adam Payne- Bass/ backing vocals
Mike Medhurst- Drums

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