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Friday, June 1, 2012
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Pretty Archie : Keep An Eye On You

Long-time friends in Pretty Archie, started out a few years ago in high school with a band they formed called "The Juice." Influenced by Gordon Lightfoot, Stan Rogers and Johnny Cash, the vivacious quartet started to write original music. Some years later, they regrouped and renamed the band "Pretty Archie."

Maturity in music and the passion to move forward brought them to their coast to coast tour this summer; starting in Banff late in May and making their way east. They made a two week stop here in Hamilton, ON where I met up with them on several occasions.


The down to earth, soulful group consists of Brian Cathcart (vocals & guitar), Matt McNeil (guitar & Cajon drum), Colin Angus (harmonicas) and Scott McLean (guitar & Cajon drum). There are quite a few things which make this up and coming band stand out from other bands on the scene currently. The use of the Cajon drum by Scott McLean gives you a feeling of an East Coast kitchen party, while the heart wrenching vocals of Brian Cathcart will leave you crying as he sings the original "Lonely Soul." Colin Angus', seduction on the harmonicas , come together with the magical strumming of Matt McNeil's guitar playing that make up the truly unique sound that is "Pretty Archie. "The foot stomping sounds will get you out of your chair and on the dance floor with their bluesy, feel good songs, "Clear Blue", and their latest ;"Can't Get No Love."

While in Hamilton, the group met with Producer Bob Doidge of Grant Ave. Studio and plan to return in the fall, of this year, to record their first full length CD. Knowing Bob Doidge has worked with Pretty Archie's favorite bands, musicians and music legends has given them motivation and has them pumped to work with Bob on their upcoming full length CD. Pretty Archie has no doubt his expertise and wisdom will help their debut, full length CD be the best it can be.

Song writing seems to come easy for them, as they write songs about home. Growing up in Cape Breton, watching the fisherman go off to work and the old coal towns, which were once prosperous, fuel their imagination as they pay homage to their homes. Last year, Hamilton Indie Music interviewed Brian Cathcart as he competed for a solo spot at the Stan Rogers Festival known as Stanfest. This year, the group has a 50 minute set at the same festival. The boys of Pretty Archie can't wait to get on the stage at Stanfest this year to "kill it." Emotions will be running high as they perform for all their friends and family in what is going to be one hell of a homecoming party. Pretty Archie may have called their tour "The Keep an Eye on You" Tour, but I suggest you keep an eye on them. There is so much more to come from Pretty Archie!

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