Green Room Recording


Green Room Recording is a home-based project studio that offers an ideal balance between “home studio” and “pro studio.” They offer a comfortable smoke-free and air-conditioned home environment. It is easy to feel comfortable and at-ease which helps in getting your best possible performance. They offer a number of upgrades that bring elements of the “pro studio” into the home environment. The studio includes separate control room and “live” rooms for tracking a full band with proper acoustic treatment, and the capacity to record 16 tracks at a time. They offer a high quality full-tube analog front end for recording voice or instruments with the depth, warmth and character you don’t typically expect from a project studio. They have a full complement of mics from brands like AEA, Sennheiser, Rode, Shure and AKG, and preamps from Solid State Logic (SSL), Universal Audio, Daking, and Yamaha.

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General Inquires:

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Phone: 289-440-DEMO (3366)