Max Alexandre



Max Alexandre is a Canadian artist born in Hamilton, Ontario. Prior to his recent single, Shine, Max remained focused creating original music as lead vocalist and guitarist of his original music project. Music style and genre didn’t waver too far from the aggressive side of rock music which can be heard in songs such as  Don’t Mean Shit and  Say You Know . Though this was the case, the projects he produced varied in styles and genre.


Exposed early to a variety of music genres, he began writing music on the lighter side of the rock genre which can be heard in songs such as Tell Me How It Feels and Picture Day, but it wouldn’t be long before his writing became influenced by the more aggressive riff based rock music. Writing songs naturally progressed to his first self-produced studio album; Next Time. He began producing projects for other artists shortly after.


Max Alexandre’s songwriting and music production continues while he works on new material to follow his most recent single.