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Moving Lines, are an 80’s influenced rock band from the beautiful Okanagan, B.C. Canada. Kevin and Jill, work collaboratively to create the music as Kevin work collaboratively to create a deep and melodic mix of Rock music.

Moving Lines story is of life’s struggles and feelings we see in ourselves and others, it’s what makes us who we are. Our belief is Strength in Vulnerability and that there is also vulnerability when you are strong. One needs the other to survive. Music is our strength and the passion becomes our most vulnerable attributes.

Our musical inspiration floods in from Rock, Blues, Jazz and Metal with band styles such as Big Wreck, Heart, Kim Mitchell, Aretha Franklin, April Wine, Sass Jordan, Chris Cornell, Autograph, Nina Simone, Alice In Chains, Lee Aaron and Ghost.

Don’t be afraid of who you are and paint the albums of your life.

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Recent Reviews

Power duo Moving Lines debut release Dreams will Never Die is one of those songs that you put on loud on a sunny day while driving down the strip, hanging out in your backyard with friends or dancing around your living room playing air guitar. Jill Fai has one of those rare hard rock voices that reverberates with echoes of Heart and Ellen Mcilwaine, and sends tingle down my spine. I just love big female voices that can shake a stadium and Fai has it. Hubbie, Kevin Fai backs her up with impressive rock guitar licks, over him also on bass and drums! You can tell that they have honed their craft on stages for years to bring such a seasoned sound to their first original work. This track is made for radio, for summer and just for rockin out!

Randy Raine-Reusch

Powerful voice “Moving Lines – Love the way she sing very flattering stardom vocalist. audiences suggesting. their penchant for excess and the hyper-intense of their music is great. Based on there excellent band”. Moving Lines – the lead singer-songwriter has her words perfectly establish what’s to follow. Across the record’s “Dreams Will Never Die “ is one of the best vocalist I heard for a while. The highlighting that the band developments and will be successes are ultimately there own reward for the experimentation on display. Great Work…..

Grimes Magazine
May Issue 2021

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