The Story – Why Hamilton Indie Music?

As a songwriter, musician and independent recording artist, I have been fortunate to have been a part of many projects over the years. I’ve learned in that time the tough part isn’t the music; It’s what comes after the writing, recording and rehearsals; the promotion. This was far more proven to me, in 2007, when I searched the internet to find other independent, original artists to join us for a live show with no resolve.

The search revealed no results for live music in Hamilton for independent artists. If there was a small source, it couldn’t be found or very difficult to decipher the difference between original artists and cover artists. Frustrated at that time that local talent in Hamilton wasn’t available to be found on the internet, I decided to start building a resource myself.

The initial and modest goals were to provide a source where original artists can be found. Provide them with a full page on the site devoted to them with their vital information such as graphics, written content, video and social media source links. At the time, the internet was another hurdle for a lot of artist. I thought if HamiltonIndieMusic.com could get even just one artist online that wouldn’t have otherwise done so, I’d be contributing to possibility of great music being found.

In the current time of COVID 19, people all over the world have had their lives affected in some way, shape or form and the creative sector is no different. Entertainers of all kinds have lost the ability to do what they love while earning an income for their talents. To that end, Hamilton Indie Music hopes to inspire everyone who loves music, to support independent artists in even the smallest of ways.

As a registered professional musician, I understand and empathize with all artists who are coping through this time. This site was brought to life to help independent artists gain a little more exposure, encourage additional streams on their music and possibly create some new fans. This is my humble contribution to this community of artists and those who support us.

Max Alexandre