The Words You Spoke Still Move Me, the alt-rock band Ellevator’s first full-length release, inhabits an emotional landscape that is at once breathtakingly close-knit and impossibly broad. The Ontario-based trio captures a range of emotions in 12 radiant songs, including both universal (existential longing, romantic power struggles, the never-ending quest for true self-discovery) and highly specific (such as frontwoman Nabi Sue Bersche’s journey to leave a cult) experiences. Their evocative storytelling and warm yet erratic sound combine to create a truly hypnotic body of work that inspires the kind of radiant open-heartedness that fundamentally alters our own viewpoint.

The three musicians, who have been working together for a long time and are all from Guelph, initially leaned toward moodier sensibilities that were largely influenced by their post-rock background. However, they soon discovered that they preferred the exultant art-pop of performers like Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel. Ellevator decided to eliminate any ironic detachment from their songwriting in addition to incorporating bold new textures and timbres into their sound. They fiercely committed to an all-encompassing sincerity that leaves plenty of room for gentle irreverence, self-aware humor, and unrestrained joy.

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