A phrase has frequently been used to describe Famous Framus’s rootsy songwriting style. He was raised quickly in the “Gritty City” on the streets after being born in Hamilton, Ontario. When he was younger, he was captivated by a man who would perform old country songs at family gatherings while playing guitar and singing at the kitchen table all night. This made an impression that stuck. He bought an acoustic guitar with the first “real” paycheck he had ever received. The fundamentals came after shedding wood for a few years. For the following few years, he put his guitar on hold in order to focus on working in a steel mill, wrecking things, and generally making a scene.

In his late 20s, Famous Framus picked up the guitar once more and started to take songwriting and performing seriously. He first played shows around Hamilton before eventually playing venues from Ottawa to Victoria and everywhere in between. Famous Framus is a truth teller, a soul miner, and a blues projector.

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Sleep When I’m Dead – Kami Kehoe indie music video on Hamilton Indie Music.

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