KYTLY music is a powerful amalgamation of slow, rhythmic beats, evocative southwestern guitar melodies, and haunting keyboard arrangements, all immersed in a dreamy landscape of reverb and atmospheric textures. Amidst this sonic backdrop, Kytly’s vocals soar with an ethereal quality, delivering hypnotic lyrical mantras and heartfelt narratives that explore themes of whiskey-tinged kisses, shattered promises, bitter farewells, and fresh beginnings.

Her sound beautifully balances the influences of her ’90s musical upbringing with the dusky tones of desert-rock, resulting in vintage-inspired tracks that resonate with echoes of iconic artists like Mazzy Star, Julee Cruise, The Breeders, Cowboy Junkies, and Nico. Her music invites listeners on a soul-stirring journey, where the past and present collide to create a sound that is uniquely her own.

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Sleep When I’m Dead – Kami Kehoe indie music video on Hamilton Indie Music.

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