Rock group from Canada’s stunning Okanagan with an 80s flair, Moving Lines. In order to create the music, Kevin and Jill collaborate, with Kevin producing a deep and melodic mix of rock music.

The story of Moving Lines is about the difficulties and emotions we experience in life and how they manifest in both ourselves and others. We hold the view that there is strength in vulnerability and that being strong also brings about vulnerability. To survive, one needs the other. Our passion for music becomes one of our greatest strengths and most vulnerable traits.

Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Metal bands like Big Wreck, Heart, Kim Mitchell, Aretha Franklin, April Wine, Sass Jordan, Chris Cornell, Autograph, Nina Simone, Alice In Chains, Lee Aaron, and Ghost provide a wealth of musical inspiration for us.

Paint the albums of your life without fear of who you are.



Sleep When I’m Dead – Kami Kehoe indie music video on Hamilton Indie Music.

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