“No one plays ‘that kind’ of music anymore,” is a statement you’ve probably heard before. But McKeever has returned with his first single as a solo artist, which is Rock ‘n’ Roll in the truest sense of the word. that song, “Crystallized.” Its foundation is a primal rhythmic rumble that is layered with fuzzy power chords and jangly licks to create a psychological whirlpool of ardor, adoration, despair, and insight.

McKeever started putting out music in 2016 with the Toronto-based band Teen Archer, which is renowned for its incredibly loud and ecstatic live shows. McKeever is now a solo artist who is based in Hamilton, Ontario. His T. Rex and The Strokes-inspired garage rock influences are still present, but they have been combined with new lyrical inspiration from Charles Dickens and Hermann Hesse.

A track called “Crystallized” was written, produced, and almost entirely performed by McKeever, who also played the drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. It’s a technique that makes the erratic outsider in me more comfortable. In artists, introversion is common. While I do enjoy working in groups, I’ve chosen to record alone in order to avoid schedule restrictions and the trade-offs associated with having to produce on time.

McKeever has a long history of involvement in the Canadian independent music scene. He currently plays drums for Hotkid and fronts Teen Archer, and he previously belonged to the Garage Rock bands Pink Wine, The Ketamines, The Ultimate Most High, and Guitar Army.

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