Kevin Williamson, AKA “Ktriggs”

Arts & Entertainment Business Owner, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Performer,
Freedom of Speech Entertainment

Kevin Williamson or ‘Ktriggs’ is an independent songwriter, event organizer, promoter , recording & performing artist based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Also the creator and owner of his own personal brand “Freedom of Speech Entertainment. Mr Williamson is also of the aboriginal ethnicity and believes strongly in giving back to the community around him. Ktriggs established the brand Freedom Of Speech Entertainment in 2019 to communicate my message of freedom of speech through music, media and merchandise.
Along with a diploma from Trebas Institute’s Entertainment Management Program earned in 2022 Ktriggs has hands-on experience in the industry. From taking steps over the past 4 years to become a part of the hip hop community in Hamilton, Ontario. By hosting and organizing his own hip hop event “The Underground Vibes Show” in 2018 that has returned annually every year since. This event’s purpose is to showcase the local talent in the Hamilton and greater Toronto area. The creation of Ktriggs personal brand kicked off with the first ever “905 fest” at Woodlands Park, in Hamilton. This event was made for the purpose of bringing the local community together to celebrate the city. The event also was used to raise awareness towards at-risk youth in the city with a charity basketball game taking place during the festival. In 2022 Ktriggs & Freedom Of Speech hosted and organized over 15 different hip hop related events throughout the city of Hamilton, as well as received coverage from CHCH news during the 3rd annual 905 FEST.

Since 2018 Williamson has been recording and releasing music on distribution platforms under the name ‘Ktriggs’. Which has built up to a music catalog consisting of 17 singles 4 features and 2 projects over the past 3 years. The total amount of music released on streaming platforms by Ktriggs totals at 34 songs as well as 20 videos on Youtube.

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