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At, we offer a unique and community-driven approach to advertising. Our platform is all about celebrating indie music and connecting with a passionate audience of music enthusiasts in the Hamilton, Ontario area and beyond.

Simple and Fair

Donation-based advertising on is simple and fair. We believe in giving all advertisers an equal opportunity to shine.

How it Works

  • Uniform Ad Spots: All ad spots are the same size, ensuring a level playing field for every advertiser. We stack these ad spots according to the date of donation, with the most recent donations placed at the top.
  • Ad Duration and Placement: Your ad’s duration and placement are determined by the availability of ad spots and the rate of donations. This means your ad’s visibility is directly linked to your support for the indie music community.

Join the Indie Music Movement

By advertising with us, you’re not just promoting your brand; you’re becoming a part of the indie music movement. You’re supporting local artists, connecting with music lovers, and contributing to a vibrant and creative community.

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Ready to showcase your brand to a dedicated indie music audience? Connect with us to learn more about donation-based advertising on Together, we can celebrate indie music and make a positive impact on the local music scene.


You have questions, understandable. Read answers to common questions here. If you have other questions, no problem; get in touch.

Our ad can be displayed up one month or longer, with the option to renew if desired.

While there are no specific time slots, the website experiences increased traffic during music festival seasons and indie music events in the Hamilton, Ontario area.

The primary audience of this website consists of indie music enthusiasts, including both artists and fans. This aligns with our target demographic.

The website’s audience is primarily from various regions in Canada, including Ontario, and the United States. This matches our market, particularly the Hamilton, Ontario area.

Our ads are prominently displayed in the right column on the website’s home page and selected internal pages including site wide in the footer.

The ad placement is highly prominent, ensuring it’s one of the first things visitors see when they access the website.

The website offers banner and native ad formats. Video and pop-up formats are not available.

The website has size restrictions for ads (512 x 512 pixels) and guidelines against overly flashy animations. The ad content should align with the artistic and aesthetic of the site.

Join us on this musical journey – your ad spot is just a donation away!


Sleep When I’m Dead – Kami Kehoe indie music video on Hamilton Indie Music.

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