An all-female band with plenty of attitude and catchy original songs is called The Pistolettes. Mary Simon and Ginger St. James first collaborated on a “Wild Women Wednesdays” showcase. The audience didn’t mind the girls’ excessive cursing and volume, despite the bar owner’s complaints. That is what you get when you combine two incredibly strong vocalists who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. The band quickly grew with Linda Duemo on guitar and drums, Justine Fischer on bass, and other talented musicians. The fire is hot, sparkling with great hooks, and full of party vibes with three songwriters and a full band of singers.

Naturally, the duo act that two Hamilton songwriting diva-powerhouse vocalists decided to launch was called “The Pistolettes.” Mary Simon and Ginger St. James are a lethal duo that are impossible to stop. The band was complete when Justine Fischer, also known as the Bass Machine, and Linda Duemo arrived. Each person has filled large shoes with an impressive number of honors.

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