The group’s debut EP, “Page One,” was released in September 2012 and quickly became well-known in the Southern Ontario music scene for its varied dynamics and blend of Hard and Soft Alternative Rock. They began performing with other Southern Ontario bands like The Reason, Lifestory:Monologue, Lambs Become Lions, and many others thanks to their unique sound and dedicated attitude. With “that Hamilton Rock sound,” Still Life have been widely compared to bands like Radiohead, Thrice, and Incubus. In 2012, they received two nominations for the Hamilton Music Awards.

Graham King joined Still Life as their new bassist at the beginning of 2013. The team’s writing process continued with great forward momentum thanks to King’s role as a new perspective. Work on Still Life’s upcoming full-length album, “Lost in Orbit,” began when they returned to Newcomb Studios in April 2013. The band is at their most advanced stage to date on this album, and they show no signs of slowing down. The album Lost in Orbit is currently available on many different platforms, including iTunes and Bandcamp.

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Sleep When I’m Dead – Kami Kehoe indie music video on Hamilton Indie Music.

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