Longtime friends in Pretty Archie got their start in music with a band they started in high school called “The Juice” a few years ago. The dynamic quartet began to create original music after being influenced by Johnny Cash, Stan Rogers, and Gordon Lightfoot. They reformed a few years later and changed the name of the group to “Pretty Archie.”

Brian Cathcart (vocals and guitar), Matt McNeil (guitar and cajon drum), Colin Angus (harmonicas), and Scott McLean (guitar and cajon drum) make up the down-to-earth, soulful band. This emerging band differs from other bands currently active in the scene in a number of ways. While Brian Cathcart’s original performance of “Lonely Soul” will have you in tears, Scott McLean’s use of the Cajon drum will make you think of an East Coast kitchen party. The truly distinctive sound of “Pretty Archie” is created by the seductive harmonica playing of Colin Angus and the entrancing guitar strumming of Matt McNeil.

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