Michael Brown and Eric Papky, two musician-entrepreneurs, designed and built Hive Studios in 2005. Michael is originally from New Brunswick, where he was a drummer, and moved to Ontario to pursue a musical career. Eric has spent most of his life as a stage and session musician, and he has always been interested in recording and audio engineering. Hive Studios, which began as a cozy, comfortable studio for bands and artists to create and record music, has since made a name for itself and won several “best recording studio” awards.

IHive Studios has evolved significantly in its thirteenth year of operation. It’s still a great place for musicians to create and record music, but it’s also the place to go in Hamilton for audio post-production, sound design, voice over, ADR, foley, and descriptive video.

Hive Studios’ owners, producers, and engineers are musicians and artists, so the studio was designed with the artist in mind. Our clients can be confident that they will be completely satisfied with our popular all-inclusive, no-time-limit project packages.


215 Cochrane Rd, Hamilton, ON L8K 3G5 • 905-5495576 • hivestudios.ca

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