Denim-clad and donning a cap, Miles Evans-Branagh is a musician on the move, a modern-day troubadour. When not on the road lending his talents to other groups (The Commoners, Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar), he is miles from nowhere. With a collection of singles and an EP in tow, Evans-Branagh is toting his blend of indie soul and alt-pop into 2023 for the upcoming release of Slow Down — an ambling adventure in 8 tracks. Drawing on life’s lessons, losses, and loves, Evans-Branagh composes songs that are at once deeply personal and uniting in their relatability.

For over 15 years, Miles has honed his tunesmithing abilities, gathering inspiration from folk to funk. The result is a sound that expresses melodic maturity, precise yet playful. While there is an element of experimentation employed in the works of Evans-Branagh, one can’t deny the intentionality behind every horn line, harmony, and Hammond pad. The combination makes for an unpredictable, and utterly enthralling listen.

Together with long-time collaborator Jason Bhattacharya, miles from nowhere merges supple soundscapes and groove-based melodies to create music that is both nostalgic and of the now. Sonically fitting in a queue between the likes of Bahamas and Tom Misch, Evans-Branagh will be well-enjoyed by listeners of Neo-Soul and alternative pop. Weaving tales of places been, and faces seen, Miles Evans-Branagh offers tuneful trails to everywhere from nowhere. From a suitcase to the stage, he’s ever on the go, running wild and scattering songs made for stargazing and Sunday lazing in his wake.

Photo Credits: Photo by Jason Bhattacharya Video Credits:  Calder Pennie

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