Many singer-songwriters in the music industry are attempting to define who they are and what they want to do. Alex Whorms already knows who she is, and being herself makes her happier than ever. to herself, as well.

The acclaimed Hamilton singer-pianist claims, “This is the most at home I’ve ever felt as a musician and an artist.” I have never felt freer. Additionally, I’ve never felt more at ease with my music or myself. I feel happier and more confident right now.

It’s a world she came up with on her own. Whorms creates music that is essentially a genre unto itself, unlike some musicians who strive to master their genre and some who may even succeed in defining one. The young vocalist and composer, seated by herself at her beloved keyboard, gracefully blends classic singer-songwriter pop, jazz, soul, rock, classical, folk, and nearly anything else that takes her fancy while infusing each piece with real stories and genuine emotions taken from her own life and experiences. Even she finds it difficult to give it a name. She confesses, “I’ve struggled to explain my sound to people for a long time. “The concepts I have run the gamut. What then

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